Evangel Housing Societies (EHS)

Evangel Housing Societies is the umbrella organization under which three independent, not-for-profit housing societies operate with the mandate to provide affordable housing to the people of Kelowna, BC.  Two of the four buildings serve senior adults 50+ and 55+ (80 units).  Two buildings are family residences open to people of all ages (110 units).

We make a difference for INDIVIDUALS and families
by providing safe, affordable and quality housing.

EHS began in 1975 with its first building - Evangel Senior Apartments.  In 1982 Evangel Family Manor was opened and in 1992 the Park Housing Society added a third building to Gordon Park Village and thereby expanded the EHS affordable housing options. In 2023 Evangel Family Manor expanded its operations by adding the new 46-unit family apartment complex. A Board of volunteer Directors governs the three Evangel Housing Societies and appoints the Administrator who oversees the day-to-day operation of the 3 societies, its buildings and staff.